Our Hassle-Free design service offers extensive documentation services that includes lifetime archival for your documentation files. You retain complete ownership of all documentation generated.

Design Services

  • PCB Layout
  • Supported Platforms
    - PADS PCB, Current Revision
    - Altium Designer, Current Revision
    - OrCad Layout, 9.2 (Least)
  • OrCad Schematic Capture
  • Upon Request
    - Procurement of Prototype PCB's
    - Procurement of Prototype

Quote Requirements

  • Schematic, (OrCad or Altium or Acrobat)
  • Bill of Material (preferably in Excel)
  • Board size and shape
  • Requested # of Layers
  • Differential Pair Requirements
  • Other routing requirements
  • Other design considerations
  • Other items to quote such as boards or assembly, including quantities required and turn time required.

We would also need your companies name, address, billing and shipping information as well as phone numbers and E-mail address(es).